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Hotchkiss Fire District Board
Fire Board
Art Wolverton, Diane Walker, Jim Roberts, Frank McPherson, Bob Turner

Six Hotchkiss Firefighters have served the Community more than 20 Years
20 Year Guys
Back row: Stan Adams, Chief Doug Fritz, Devin Violett, Captian Willie Groome.
Front row: Lt. Mike Neurock, Assistant Chief Ray Penland.

These six firefighters from Hotchkiss joined the Fire District in July of 1987, but we weren't able to get them to hold still for a photo until recently (late spring of 2008).  While able to retire after 20 years, Hotchkiss firefighters typically stay on the roster for much longer.  Although a few of these guys look pretty old and worn out, we are likely to get a few more years of service out of them.

Stan Adams has helped develop the maps now used county-wide by firefighters, and has a couple of "saves" (homes saved from an advancing wildfire).  Doug Fritz has been Fire Chief since 2000.   Devin Violett is the best engineer on the crew, and is a skilled all-around firefighter.  Willie Groome is an experienced wildland firefighter, and a former long-time Board member who helped advance the Fire District.

Mike Neurock has been an instrumental fund raiser for the Redlands Mesa Substation, and has organized First Aid trainings for local residents.  Ray Penland has been Assistant Chief in charge of the Redlands Mesa Substation for years, and has saved more than a few homes.  All of the above firefighters have donated countless hours in training, fixing fire trucks, and fighting fires.  The Hotchkiss Fire District congratulates these firefighters for reaching this milestone.

Firefighter Photos
Sven Edstrom

Bob Maize and Mike Neurock

Stan Adams

The Hotchkiss Fire District
District Map

Photos by Doug Fritz and others.

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